Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Free school meals? And a spoonful of honey

Free School meals for all children up to year two? So what's everyone's thoughts on this? I feel like they have just stopped high earners claiming family allowance with one hand and are giving them free school meals with the other, I personally think only those on low income should be entitled to free meals and lets not forgot it only seems to be free for people who don't contribute any tax.

Rockys on his third week of school his still crying in the mornings :( breaks my heart would love to have him home with me at least when I pick him up from school I can spy on him in his classroom and his having lots of fun,  I'm really missing him. While worrying about him at school this week i started to think about his teacher she seems really nice and motherly but that's just my opinion......maybe shes not nice, my minds wondering, before I know it I'm typing in her name and looking her up on Facebook. OH NO what am I doing! well at least now I know she likes gardening and cheese and still looks nice and respectable in her photos ( not a party animal, beer festival lover in anyway.)I love the weekends even more now, although we have done nothing the last 2! Rockys just enjoyed being at home playing with his Jake and the Neverland  toys and we've both slobbed out on the sofa eating chocolate watching Disney movies (love it)

Manuka Honey
I'm telling everyone about this and wanted to mention it in my blog this week, at the start of April Rocky got hayfeaver after a few weeks I went to the doctors and they gave me a prescription to give to him everyday through the pollen season. But I didn't like the thought of him having medicine everyday I don't believe in herbal remedies but just wanted to have a flick through the net to see if there was anything else I could try first, that's when I discovered manuka honey. apparently by taking locally produced honey you can help your body desensitise against the different types of pollen that cause hayfever, whether it was a coincidence or not but shortly after giving rocky a teaspoon a day his hayfever stopped. this has now been a morning ritual a spoonful of honey after his breakfast. its not only supposed to be good for hayfever but also the digestive health, immunity, skin aliments and the obvious energy. we have all had terrible coughs and colds the last ten days in the house and the other half has most certainly had the dreaded man flu! however Rocky hasn't had the slightest sniffles! so thought I would pass on my only herbal remedy!

I mentioned on my last blog how I wanted to help rocky that extra bit with his learning. he is the youngest in his year and I hate the thought of him struggling and therefore not enjoying his learning. I searched the net for the best learning products for his age and came across the Jolly Phonics Hot Dots products, these interactive cards/books helps children learn a wide range of skills. children select an answer against the multiple choice questions with a talking pen that shows a green or red light and audio sounds for immediate feedback. There's a wide range of subjects shapes,numbers,letters and many more for all different age groups, we have gone for the Lets Learn Phonics beginners set which consists of three books that start from age 5 up to age 9 the books consist of letter sounds, first words and vowel sounds.
Rocky loves it and we've flown through the first book and making our way through the second, its hard trying to teach rocky the sounds through just reading but playing with this has made a huge difference in such a short time( I say playing as that's what it feels like) its fun, its magic and were on the road to reading wish I found this in the summer holidays! you can get this set and a range of all the hot dots products on ive also been given a free delivery code to pass on just type in blogger13 into the promo code for free delivery expires 31st December 2013! There's some great products on the websites. one of my favourites is the pretend and play post office set will definitely be getting that for Christmas!

To finish of this week my book of the week is.....
Were going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury
A classic and beautifully illustrated book cant believe we have only just discovered it. it follows the exciting journey of a family as they go searching for a bear.
The repetition of 'we're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day, were not scared enables rocky to read along and get totally involved in the story his favourite part is the last page when we read it under the duvet!

Speak soon!

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