Sunday, 1 September 2013

My baby started school.......

I've got his school uniform laid out in front of me (16 items to be precise) to the side of me I have the 'sew in name labels' and the basic sewing kit I have just bought, the rest was easy now to sew. Is it acceptable to You Tube how to sew on a name label? I've never needed to sew anything before. any way the lovely lady on you tube talked me through it step by step and walla at the end of it I have a sewn on the name label by item 16 I'm not bad and feeling quite earth motherly, first wash and there all be hanging of  by a single fread. ill keep you posted!

I cant believe my baby is starting school in 2 days I really cant, his a late July born and one of the youngest in the whole year, I cant help but think if I had him another six weeks later I would have him at home with me for another year, it doesn't seem fair? he has only just turned 4. I'm worrying myself silly this week I am so scared of him being not ready and learning at a different pace I hate the thought of him maybe not enjoying learning as he might not pick it up as quick. Any body have any good learning products that they can recommend? I want to just do that little bit extra with him at home to help him along.
Wednesday has come along so quick the morning is here where I'm going to drop him of at school, I woke up with a lump in my throat, It is going to be nice to get some housework done but the thought of having to send him to school Monday to Friday for the next 18 years is slightly sad. I'm insisting to Rocky he starts the day with a nice healthy breakfast on school mornings I'm banning cheerios to the weekend and its porridge or granola for the week. so today we have porridge with crushed strawberries in the middle luckily Rocky loved it. and had it for the rest of the week.
He looked so cute and grown up in his uniform I cant help but love the grey socks, who would of thought grey socks would be so cute! I've kept myself together all morning Rocky has gone into school with his new teacher and class amazingly easily me on the other hand I couldn't keep the tears away any longer nor could I talk or even manage to say mornings to the other mums as I was moments away from bursting into tears! all the other mums were fine. they probably had more housework to do then me! luckily only 3 days of school went by quite quickly and Rocky had a nice time was a bit of a shock to him and had tired him out.

When I picked him up on  Friday I exchanged some Tesco clubcard point for some Prezzo vouchers so we went out for a cheeky pizza and came home and watched Disney Tarzan even Tarzan made me emotional must be that time of month! fab film haven't watched it for a long time, enjoyed snuggling on the sofa with our popcorn. Cant beat a movie night at home!

I managed to get the house in order over the last few days and Im hoping to get back to exercising next week. I found out over the six weeks holiday I past my fire brigade exam YAY! and start my training in October :) perfect timing with rocky starting school. Had  a relaxing weekend with the family and finished today of with a lovely chicken roast, the lovely old lady next door gave us a bag of apples she picked from her tree so made a scrummy easy apple and blackberry pie cheated with the shop bought pastry! Thought id share the recipe as so easy and nice!
300g cooking apples
225g blackberries
knob of butter
squeeze of lemon juice
caster sugar to taste
pre heat the oven to 180c/fan 160c/gas 4
Cook the apples with a small amount of water,lemon juice and sugar for 5 minutes take them of the hob and mix in the blackberries.
pre heat the oven to 180c/fan 160c/gas 4
spoon the apples and blackberries into a shallow pie dish,
roll out the ready made pastry large enough to cover the pie, glaze the top of the pie with a little milk then bake for 45mins! lovely jubbly went down a treat with the boys!

As always I love reading with Rocky so thought I would share my favourite each week with you. 
This week our favourite is 
Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure.
Fab story for little boys, story of a brave bold curious knight setting of for a big adventure in the deep dark forest where monstrous trees groan, terrible beasties moan and wigglie woos tickle your toes!. The illustrations are full of colour and beautiful detail. Considering how many times I have read this I think its a testament to author Kristina Stephenson that I am not thoroughly fed up with Sir Charlie Stinky Socks.

Would love to hear any one else's recommendations for books please, always nice to find a great read!

Also been reading a chapter of BFG by Roald Dahl to little legs each night. I got the complete 16 book collection by Roald Dahl from The Book People for £15.99 rrp £88.85 absolute bargain. I loved being read these in my childhood and love them even more as an adult!

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